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TICTOC, ATF, Date Simulator, Y2K

TICTOC is the software product for z/OS that lets you run different jobs, users, applications and transactions under different “virtual” (fictitious) dates and times. On a per job, user, application and transaction basis, you can specify any date and time, from the year 1900 to 2042, that the system should return when a program requests this information. This lets you test how programs will run, for example, in the future, without requiring that every other program running concurrently uses

that same date.

This means that TICTOC lets you do your date testing without dedicating a separate system. TICTOC makes it possible to test your applications without affecting other jobs running at the same time and without requiring system
operator intervention.

TICTOC has a convenient online ISPF interface and a batch utility program where you can tell it which jobs, started tasks, TSO users and IMS applications are eligible
to run under a virtual date.

This comprehensive support provides virtual timing for jobs, users and applications requesting date and time functions provided by the most popular application languages and products, including Assembler, COBOL, PL1, C, C++, TSO, ISPF, CICS, IMS/DC, Language Environment, DB2, NATURAL, SAS and others.

For CICS, there is a completely independent interface for fine-tuning virtual dates and times using any combination of terminal, user and transaction IDs.

For more information about TICTOC's date and time simulation capabilities, please
contact us.


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